Koreatown, New York
7W 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001
There?s a reason why people think PINKBERRY when they think of frozen yogurt. Pick out of several delicious flavors, add some toppings, and enjoy cold desserts from the PINKBERRY on 32nd st in Koreatown.

Keeping Froyo Fresh With Seasonal Flavors at Your Local Pinkberry October 8, 2016

Koreatown, Manhattan
Keeping Froyo Fresh With Seasonal Flavors at Your Local Pinkberry , Manhattan, New York

With hundreds of flavor and topping combinations, Pinkberry is always giving froyo lovers new treats to try. The novelty, however, goes beyond what’s already on the menu. Just when you think you’ve tried everything, the seasons change, and your favorite frozen yogurt shop introduces a new recipe that blows your taste buds away!  

What Flavor Will Be Next?

froyoJust this past summer, Pinkberry introduced the new Pinkbee’s Honeycomb Drizzle frozen yogurt and brought back Peach Pinkberry, an old fan favorite. Both flavors, however, were only available for a few months, so froyo lovers had to act fast. With fall quickly approaching, keep an eye out for new seasonal treats at your neighborhood Pinkberry!

Visit Your Local Pinkberry Today!

Stop by your nearest frozen yogurt shop to see what new flavors are coming to their freezers. For a complete list of their classic froyo treats, check out their website.