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Boot Critters Out of Your Home With These 3 Squirrel Removal Tips October 12, 2016

Cleves, Miami
Boot Critters Out of Your Home With These 3 Squirrel Removal Tips, Miami, Ohio

Due to their decreasing natural habitat, squirrels are known to seek out shelter within homes. This is especially true during the fall and winter months when squirrels are in need of a warm, dry place to live. For many homes in the Greater Cincinnati area, the attic is a dream location for squirrels and their litter to set up shop. It is in your best interest as a homeowner to contact a squirrel removal expert, like A.S.A.P. Critter People, as soon as you notice these critters are living in your home.

If squirrels have already moved into the attic or walls, professional wildlife removal experts suggest you try these squirrel removal remedies: 

  • Locate Their Entry Points: During the daytime, squirrels will be more likely to venture outside. This gives you a perfect opportunity to visit your attic and locate how they are entering your home. If you are able to access your attic, check for any places where light can shine through. If these cracks and holes are two inches or larger, squirrels can easily get through.
  • squirrel-removal-cincinnati-ohCheck For Baby Squirrels: Before you can take effective measures at removing squirrels from your home, you need to know if a litter is present. If there is one, sealing your home from squirrels will be pointless as the mother squirrel will spend all of her waking time figuring out how to get back inside your home to get her babies. To look for a nest, you will need to inspect your attic and under your home with a flashlight. Make noise and listen for the babies to make sounds; however, if you do find a nest, do not get close because if the mother believes you are going near her babies, she will attack you.
  • Seal Up Entry Points: When you know most of the squirrels are out of your home for the day, seal up all known entry points except for the one you believe they are primarily using. Seals should be made with materials the squirrels cannot chew through, such as stainless steel mesh, aluminum flashing, and sheet metal. You can also use caulk and foam to close up any holes. At the main entry point, set up a one-way door that will let the remaining squirrels within you home leave but not re-enter.

When you require fast and humane squirrel removal, A.S.A.P. Critter People is the animal removal service to call. Schedule your animal removal appointment today by calling them at (513) 941-0258. You can also learn more about their squirrel and other wildlife removal services by visiting them online. For more tips on removing and preventing animals from entering your home, follow them on Facebook.

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