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6 Reasons to Organize a Paint Party October 10, 2016

Midtown East, Manhattan
6 Reasons to Organize a Paint Party, Manhattan, New York

If painting isn’t an activity you participate in much, consider picking up a brush more often! Painting will not only provide you with a creative outlet and give you an enjoyable way to spend your free time, but it also has several positive effects on life that you might not realize. Regardless of your skill level, organizing a paint party is the perfect way to take advantage of all the benefits painting has to offer. The social events at Painting Hangout offer New York City residents the perfect escape from the chaos of busy city life and the chance to unwind in a fun, relaxed environment.

Whatever the occasion, the following reasons incentives to plan a paint party:

  • paint partyStimulates Brain Activity: Painting uses both the left and right portions of your brain, stimulating activity from all directions. It helps to utilize your creative and emotional side, as well as your rational and logical thinking.   
  • Releases Stress: Even if you’re in a group setting, painting is a solo activity that allows you to focus on the task at hand and relieve your mind of its burdens. Your mental state becomes peaceful and stress begins to melt away.
  • Boosts Your Self-Confidence: Paint parties foster a non-competitive atmosphere where everyone is treated equally regardless of their abilities. It’s a time to focus on your personal goals and achievements.
  • Improves Mobility: You might not think about it as you sit in class, but holding a paintbrush and learning different strokes helps to control hand movements and strengthen fine motor skills.
  • Sparks Creativity: Of course, painting also sparks creativity and makes good use of the imagination. You can choose to put your emotions on display or get innovative with an abstract piece.
  • Promotes Fun & Socialization: Paint and drink parties will give you a unique opportunity to laugh, socialize, and make some fun-filled memories with your friends or family.

In addition to these benefits, attending a paint party will allow you to discover a new appreciation for art that will enrich your life. Contact Painting Hangout at (646) 590-6504, or visit their website to book your gathering.

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