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Getting Married? Learn the 4 Essential C's of a Cut Diamond October 6, 2016

Bellevue, Newport-Fort Thomas
Getting Married? Learn the 4 Essential C's of a Cut Diamond, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Finding the right engagement ring is not only a test of how well you know your partner—it's also an arduous search for the best bang for your buck. While you want to find a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime, knowing how to choose a quality cut diamond is not exactly common knowledge. 

Luckily, the skilled staff at Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers of Bellevue, KY, offers these four invaluable tips for finding the perfect cut diamond:

The Four C’s Of A Diamond Engagement Ring


As love-struck couples plan the next chapter of their lives, there’s a lot of information to remember concerning the type of cut diamonds available. While it's often the shapes—Round Brilliant, Marquise, Pear and Princess—that come to mind, it’s the proportions of the diamond that count. 

No matter the shape, every diamond gets its brilliant shine by way of tiny diamond facets that reflect and disperse light. Buyers should look out for a stone that hasn’t been cut too shallow or deep, allowing light to reach all the way to the bottom.

cut diamondColor

While diamonds come in a multitude of colors, the most sought-after diamond is white. The color of white diamonds is rated by The Gemological Institute of America and ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). When it comes to diamonds, the best color is no color at all. This colorless quality allows the light being dispersed to give off every color of the rainbow. 


When investing in a quality diamond, clarity is another telling factor. Clarity is based on the amount and location of flaws within a diamond. These imperfections are revealed through powerful magnification, then rated in grades from Flawless to Imperfect.


The more carats a diamond has, the pricier, heavier, and more rare it is. While two diamonds can have the same carat weight, their value can vary significantly based on cut, color, and clarity.

Are you ready to make your loved one the happiest person in the world? Find your way to wedded bliss by visiting Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers online, or call (859) 261-3636 for more information on cut diamonds.