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North Pole’s Premier Family Care Practice Explains How to Protect Your Body While Using Technology October 5, 2016

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North Pole’s Premier Family Care Practice Explains How to Protect Your Body While Using Technology, North Pole, Alaska

How much time do you spend hunched over your mobile phone, computer, or tablet? According to a recent report, Americans spend an average of 10 hours a day staring at a screen, and this number is on the rise. Unfortunately, this increasing technology use is leading to a number of spinal problems across the nation. Today, the experts from North Pole, Alaska’s leading family care practice, North Pole Chiropractic, will explain how to text away and protect your neck at the same time.

Avoid “Text Neck”

The professionals from North Pole’s top family care practice see dozens of patients with a common issue: “text neck.” When texting while walking or sitting, many people tend to bend their necks to look down at their phones, causing harmful strain on the spine. In fact, this common move equals the impact of packing 60 pounds of additional weight on your spine. Unsurprisingly, this often leads to serious back or neck pain.

neck painNo More Laptop Slumping

imageWhile lounging on the couch or your bed with your laptop is cozy, it may be seriously harming your spine. Avoid placing your laptop on your lap, which causes you to hunch over while you type. Instead, place it on a desk or another surface that allows you to sit up straight.

Stop Craning Your Neck

Whether you’re running on the treadmill or sitting on the couch, avoid craning your neck upward when you watch TV. Instead, make sure the screen is placed directly in line with your vision. Not only is this more comfortable, but your neck and spine will thank you later.

Due to these extremely prevalent problems, people are experiencing severe neck and back pain at younger and younger ages. To keep your spine healthy, always practice proper posture, especially when using your various technological devices. 

If you’re in need of relief from back or neck pain, seek the support of North Pole’s best family care practice. To learn more about North Pole Chiropractic, call today at (907) 488-1885, or visit the website

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