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Is Water as Bad as Wine? Upholstery Cleaning Experts Explain October 11, 2016

Goshen, Orange
Is Water as Bad as Wine? Upholstery Cleaning Experts Explain, Goshen, New York

You probably already know that if you don’t want to stain your furniture you should keep certain foods away from it—enjoying a meal with a glass of red wine in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other probably isn’t something you tend to do on your best sofa. However, as the upholstery cleaning experts at Mr. K’s Carpet Service know, even plain water can do damage. With locations in NY’s Orange, Albany, and Rockland Counties, these pros have supplied their clients with reliable commercial cleaning, flood damage services and emergency services for over 35 years, and they’ve seen the havoc even water can wreak on furniture.

What Upholstery Cleaning Experts Know About Water Damage

When it comes to ruining your favorite chair or sofa, you probably don’t consider water to be much of a threat. In many cases, though, it can significantly affect the look of upholstery—and not in a good way. This is because many items of furniture are made with a fabric called Viscose (or Rayon). When water spills onto this fabric, its fibers swell, and after the water dries they stay that way. They also reflect light much more than the fibers that didn’t get wet. As a result, even from a distance, you can see where the wet patch was—and there’s not much you can do to fix it.

Upholstery CleaningThis is just one reason why you should hire professional upholstery cleaners to restore your furniture to its best condition. While you might think it’s safe to use water when removing a stain, in truth, you could be doing more damage.

Based in Orange, Albany, and Rockland Counties, NY, the commercial cleaning team at Mr. K’s Carpet Service will make sure your furniture is treated with only the safest materials. If you’re planning on hosting family or friends for the holidays this year, book service ahead of time before the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush. Visit them online to learn about contacting your nearest location.

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