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New Rochelle’s Best Italian Restaurant Shares 5 Health Benefits of Pasta October 10, 2016

New Rochelle, Westchester
New Rochelle’s Best Italian Restaurant Shares 5 Health Benefits of Pasta, New Rochelle, New York

Can pasta be a health food? You may be surprised by the facts! Yes, a pasta dish drenched in butter, cream, and cheese is a decadent indulgence, but modern Italian cuisine is far more versatile than that. Patsy’s Pizzeria believes you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying a favorite dish, and the beloved New Rochelle restaurant shares five reasons why pasta is actually good for you.

The Healthy Power Of Pasta

RestaurantA Balanced Meal: Carbs Aren’t The Enemy

Low-carb diets are a popular trend, but studies have shown they’re not the one “true” secret to health. Carbs, proteins, and fats all fuel a healthy body—there’s no need to deny yourself the carb-filled pleasure of pasta. Choose a dish with lean protein like chicken or shrimp, plenty of veggies and a lighter sauce, and you can easily make pasta part of a well-balanced restaurant meal.

Tomato Sauce Is Packed With Antioxidants

Lycopene, the natural pigment that makes tomatoes red, has powerful antioxidant properties. Even better, cooking those tomatoes down into a thick and flavorful marinara sauce gives you a super-concentrated source of this nutrient.

Olive Oil Is Heart-Healthy

Olive oil is renowned as one of the healthiest oils you can eat, because it contains high levels of monounsaturated “good fats.” Unlike the saturated fats found in butter and other oils, these healthy fats help to lower your cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Order your pasta with an olive oil-based sauce, and your heart will thank you.

Garlic Beats Inflammation

Nothing goes better with pasta than garlic, and garlic provides an incredible number of health benefits. It’s a natural antibiotic, it’s high in age-fighting antioxidants, and the compounds that give garlic its pungent smell and flavor also help your body fight off inflammation.

Modern Italian CuisineHappiness Is Healthy!

Eating food you enjoy is a mood-booster, and a positive mood makes for a healthier body—if you love pasta, go ahead and indulge. A restaurant outing with family and friends, a glass of fine red wine (which is also rich in antioxidants!)—these are the experiences that make life worth living. So raise your glass, give a toast to your health, and enjoy that pasta dinner.  

Patsy’s Pizzeria is one of Westchester County’s most beloved eateries. Alongside their pasta specials, the Italian restaurant serves up gourmet coal-oven pizza, oysters on the half shell, handcrafted cocktails, and more. You can reach the restaurant at (914) 365-2255 or make easy online reservations at the pizzeria’s website.