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Car Repair 101: What to Do if Your AC Compressor Breaks October 10, 2016

Loveland, Hamilton
Car Repair 101: What to Do if Your AC Compressor Breaks, Loveland, Ohio

As the main component of your car’s air conditioning system, AC compressors do a lot of work to make sure refrigerant is properly directed to the interior. And while this auto part is built to withstand a lot of consistent pressure, Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service reminds motorists that AC compressors eventually have to be replaced by a car repair professional.

As the most reliable automotive repair service in Loveland, OH, Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service has a great deal of experience fixing AC compressors—especially after the hot summer season. If you run into problems with this auto essential, consider these tips from this trusted mechanic:

  • Look For The Signs: If your air conditioning stops running altogether, you may likely have a full AC compressor breakdown. However, that’s not the only sign your AC compressor is broken. Stay on the lookout for early signs your AC system needs automotive repair, such as a loss in cooling ability or loud noises when the AC is turned on.
  • car repair Loveland OHCheck The Compressor Clutch: The compressor clutch is a small part of the AC compressor that connects to the engine and signals the air conditioner to turn on. Locate the clutch near the head of the compressor and see how it responds when the air conditioner is turned on. If the clutch does not engage, you will probably need a new compressor. If it does engage, you may need a different type of car repair to fix your AC problems.
  • Visit A Professional: Whether or not the AC compressor is the source of your car’s cooling problems, it’s a good idea to check in with an auto service provider. Trained mechanics, such as Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service, can run advanced car diagnostics to pinpoint the source of the problem. And, if you do need AC compressor replacement, an automotive repair shop will have all the right tools to remove the old unit and install a new one.

If you need air conditioning repairs, Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service can provide all the services you need at rates you can afford. Learn more about their approach to advanced auto tuneups online or call (513) 683-7852 to schedule convenient car repairs in Loveland, OH.

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