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3 Ways to Support a Loved One in Mourning October 11, 2016

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3 Ways to Support a Loved One in Mourning, Chili, New York

If a friend or someone you care about has recently lost a loved one, you may be uncertain on how best to support them during this time. Amidst their pain and suffering, they are also dealing with the logistical concerns of planning memorial and funeral services and calculating funeral costs. The team of professional funeral directors at Leo M. Bean And Sons Funeral Home has served the Rochester, NY, area for over 40 years, and they understand the pain, difficulty, and stress many people experience during this time.

Here, they list three of the best ways you can support a loved one in mourning:

  • Offer Help In Simple Ways: As people become engrossed in arranging a funeral service on top of their own grief, simple everyday tasks can fall by the wayside. Offering to bring a mourning loved one food, walk their dog, pick up their kids from school, or even run errands can be a great help during this time. Just make sure the help is actually needed and you are not over-stepping boundaries. You want to be a support system, not overcrowd someone who is already having a difficult time.

  • funeral serviceProvide An Ear To Listen & Shoulder To Cry On: One common mistake people tend to make when trying to comfort a mourning friend is attempting to lessen their pain. We do this altruistically because we do not want to see someone we love in pain. However, they may need to feel their pain is valid and acknowledged. The best way to do this is by allowing them to speak freely about the departed, not avoiding or skirting any topics, and allowing them to cry without restraint.

  • Be There After The Funeral: In the days surrounding the funeral service, there is typically an overwhelming deal of support. The mourning are visited by friends, family, and even acquaintances all looking to offer their support and pay their respects. However, the real difficulty comes in the days, weeks, and months after the funeral. Many people can feel alone or so overwhelmed by despair that it can seem as though their pain will never end. Regularly calling and visiting your loved one is important, as is looking out for signs of self-destructive or dangerous behavior. If they have a clear safety net, it is likelier they will feel supported and safe through their healing process.

If you or someone you know is looking to plan a funeral service or is interested in learning more about funeral costs, call Leo M. Bean And Sons Funeral Home at (585) 426-7830 or visit their website today. You can also reach out to them on their Facebook page.

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