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Lawn Maintenance: 4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Landscape for Mulch October 10, 2016

Harrison, Westchester
Lawn Maintenance: 4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Landscape for Mulch, Harrison, New York

The lawn maintenance professionals at Peter Navarra Landscaping Co. of Harrison, NY, suggest adding mulch to your landscape if you want to see your property flourish. Mulch controls weeds and provides a boost of nutrients to your plants and flowers. Nevertheless, you have to prepare your property before you start using the lawn maintenance aid. Doing so will help you get the most out of your mulch application.

Below, the local lawn maintenance experts show you four ways you’ll need to prepare your landscape before adding mulch:

lawn maintenance

  • Clear Gardens: Get rid of all dead leaves, excess dirt, weeds, and any other debris before adding mulch to your garden. The fewer obstructions, the easier it will be for plants to absorb nutrients from mulch.
  • Smooth Surfaces: Use a rake or a garden hoe to smooth out any areas to be mulched. Mulched areas should be even, not lumpy.
  • Use Weed Preventative: Once the area is cleared, add a weed pre-emergent to prevent the fertilization of weed seeds. Mulch can control weed growth, but it won’t stop it completely on its own.
  • Edge Areas: Create edges for any area you’re going to mulch. This will ensure even distribution and give the mulching a professional look.

If you’d like to know more about how mulch can improve your lawn maintenance efforts, contact the landscape design team at Peter Navarra Landscaping Co. of Harrison, NY. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn about all of their lawn care services. Give them a call at (914) 835-5733 to schedule an appointment.

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