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Pain Relief Specialists Share 5 Sports Safety Tips for Kids September 29, 2016

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Pain Relief Specialists Share 5 Sports Safety Tips for Kids, Archdale, North Carolina

When kids in Archdale, NC, endure athletic injuries while participating in school sports, their parents take them to Stroud Chiropractic for the best spinal adjustments and pain relief solutions. But, while it’s good to know there’s a trusted sports injury caregiver in your area, nothing beats avoiding accidents to begin with. Stroud Chiropractic advises that kids should learn how to stay safe when partaking in fun school sports and activities.

Here’s Stroud Chiropractic’s top five back-to-school sports safety tips for kids and their parents to review:

  • Wear Protective Gear: If your kids are playing a contact sport, like football, soccer, or hockey, always ensure they are wearing protective gear. Helmets, gloves, pads, face masks and mouth guards should be worn at all times when playing aggressive sports. Kids should also wear appropriate footwear, like tennis shoes or cleats.
  • Be Observant: To avoid accidents, kids need to be observant when playing school sports. They should look out for other kids on the field, and keep an eye out for equipment that could hurt them. Additionally, students should watch out for untied shoelaces and other hazards that could lead to injuries.
  • pain reliefUnderstand The Rules: Not having a proper understanding of the rules of the game can pose a danger to kids. Children should always listen carefully to their coach when they’re explaining an activity, and they shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Never Play When Injured: If a student has suffered an injury, whether it be a sprained ankle or jammed finger, it’s never a good idea to continue to participate. Kids can support their teammates from the sideline until their injuries have healed, or once they’ve had proper treatment.
  • Stretch Before & After: It’s never a good idea to engage in physical activities without properly warming up. Before playing any type of sport, kids should stretch and lightly jog to get their heart rate up. It’s also important to cool down after any type of physical activity.      

Furthermore, Stroud Chiropractic says kids should always be well hydrated and listen to their bodies when playing sports. If an injury does occur, parents should seek medical help for their children right away.

To learn more about how chiropractic care can help treat sports-related injuries, or if you live in the Archdale area and need an experienced chiropractic physician for your child, call Stroud Chiropractic today at (336) 434-2107. You can find complete information about their practice and pain relief services on their website.

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