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ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute offers premier sports injury and industrial rehabilitation services to the greater Falls Church, VA area. Located conveniently at 2841 Hartland Road Suite #401B, the physical therapy practice treats post-operative patients, patients who have suffered work place injuries, athletes, and numerous others who require high-quality physical therapy. To request an appointment or speak with someone at the practice directly, call (703) 205-1233. Learn more by visiting the practice online.

5 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy October 2, 2016

Idylwood, Fairfax County
5 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy, Idylwood, Virginia

Physical therapy can achieve a number of objectives. Not only does it help manage pain, but it can also help patients make a full recovery from injuries and operations. The professional team at ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute, with multiple locations throughout the Washington, D.C. area, is so committed to healing patients through physical therapy that they’ve compiled a list of unique advantages highlighted below.

Here are five of the leading benefits to using physical therapy:

  • Avoid Surgery: In some cases, sports injury rehab alone is sufficient for healing an injury. If you’ve recently sustained a sports-related injury, taking a proactive approach by seeking therapy before the condition worsens could aid in your chances of avoiding surgery.
  • Enhance Mobility: Injuries and chronic pain that limits mobility can benefit from a targeted treatment plan, which the physical therapists at ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute will tailor to your needs. In time, you should experience a broader range of mobility, which can enhance your ability to complete daily activities.
  • physical therapyPain Reduction: Manual physical therapy and exercises can significantly reduce pain or eliminate it altogether. If you’ve experienced an injury or suffer from chronic pain, seeing a physical therapist can alleviate discomfort in a natural, drug-free manner.
  • Stroke Recovery: Patients who have suffered a stroke can regain their strength by enrolling in a physical therapy recovery program. This program can help them rebuild any weakened parts of the body and improve their balance.
  • Injury Prevention: If you’re a competitive athlete, proactive physical therapy could assist in preventing sports-related injuries such as stress fractures.

To learn more about the specific physical therapy options offered by ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute, visit their website today, where you can find contact information for each of their multiple locations. You can also keep up with the institute by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

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