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Spend Your Sunday Night in Chelsea at UCB Theatre For Outlandishly Funny Improv Comedy March 4, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Spend Your Sunday Night in Chelsea at UCB Theatre For Outlandishly Funny Improv Comedy , Manhattan, New York

Sunday night – otherwise known as the last line of defense before Monday. You could spend your valuable time on the couch worrying about the week ahead, or you could gather your friends and head to the best comedy club in Chelsea for "ASSSSCAT 3000," the most outrageous improv comedy show in New York City. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is proud to have NYC’s best comedians performing for you twice every Sunday night.

ASSSSCAT shows often follow the famous Harold style of improv comedy, where recurring characters and themes spawn from a single suggestion. But when you’re at an ASSSSCAT show, things can get wild. Special guests, audience participation, and musical interludes are all common, but you’ll never know when they’ll happen. One thing is for sure: you’ll laugh so hard, the shoppers at the nearby Gristedes will hear you!

Some of the biggest names in improv comedy have performed in ASSSSCAT shows over the years, such as Amy Poehler, Chris Gethard, and Shannon O’Neill. Special guests from Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and The Colbert Report often join the ASSSSCAT team to surprise audiences. The cast is rarely the same from week to week, and every show is a different experience.

The 7:30 p.m. show costs $10, and tickets are only available by reservation through the UCB website. The 9:30 p.m. show is free, but reservations are not accepted. If you want to see ASSSSCAT for free, head to the UCB Theatre early to reserve your spot. The line fills up fast!

Why spend your Sunday night sitting at home when the best improv comedy in NYC is waiting for you at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre? Laugh out loud at the next ASSSSCAT 3000 show! Visit their website now to get tickets, and check out their calendar for more hilarious improv and stand-up comedy events happening this week!

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