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Death By Roo Roo’s Improv Comedy Makes Your Family Funny Every Saturday Night! March 21, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Death By Roo Roo’s Improv Comedy Makes Your Family Funny Every Saturday Night!, Manhattan, New York

Do you have a funny family story to tell? What about a deep emotional scar left on your psyche from your childhood? The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre understands that there are some tales you need to get off of your chest. That’s why they’re proud to host "Your F’ed Up Family," an hour of improv comedy from Death By Roo Roo, every Saturday night at 9:00 p.m.!

Here’s how it works: Death By Roo Roo will handpick a member of the audience at the beginning of their set. If it’s you, they’ll ask you to share a story about your family. Did you set your brother’s pants on fire at a family barbecue? Did you walk in on your parents saying that you were adopted? This is perfect fodder for improv comedy, and Death By Roo Roo is happy to hear about it.

After a few questions, the group will improvise a series of scenes based on what they’ve learned. Your harrowing encounter with grandma’s ferret will become a whirlwind tale that you never could have imagined. You’ll laugh when you see just how “f’ed up” your family can be!

"Your F’ed Up Family" costs $10, which you’ll pay at the door. If you’re 16 or older, make your reservation on the comedy club’s website for free. However, failure to show up on the night of the show will forfeit your seat to a lucky guy or gal in the standby line. Make sure you’re at the theater on Saturday night to catch Death By Roo Roo in action!

If you can’t make it to "Your F’ed Up Family," there is plenty of other improv comedy and stand-up comedy shows throughout the week at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Check out their website to see a full calendar of shows and events. And if you’re a social media fanatic, be sure to connect with the comedy theater on Facebook and Twitter for updates anytime!

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