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Learn The Secrets of Improv Comedy With The UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual! May 7, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Learn The Secrets of Improv Comedy With The UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual!, Manhattan, New York

If you have ever made an off-the-cuff joke at the office, done an impression of a friend, or winged a speech at a close friend’s wedding, you’re already on the way to becoming a master of improv comedy! But there’s much more to the art than making stuff up. Enter the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Comedy Improvisation Manual! This tome of expertise will teach you all that you need to know to become a maven of short-form or long-form comedy.

The Comedy Manual was written by UCB founders Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh. It covers everything from the basics of improv comedy to the principles of “Yes, and.” It will teach you how to find “the game” of the scene and heighten it to find the funny. It has important tips on improvising by yourself, with a teammate, and with a whole ensemble of fellow comedians. But most importantly, the manual will teach you how to support your teammates and yourself, and – as Del Close put it – “find the fear.”

With the UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual in your possession, you’ll learn about short-form scene building, as well as long-form structures such as “The Harold” and “The Movie.” Even if you have no previous experience performing on stage, the manual will teach you each aspect of improv comedy and help you master them one after another. Pretty soon, you’ll be teaching your friends and forming an improv team of your own!

The UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual costs $25.00, and it’s available on the comedy theatre’s online store. Get your copy today and learn tips from the masters who have thrived on UCB’s stage, such as Amy Poehler, Chris Gethard, Jordan Klepper, Adam McKay, and others!

Visit the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre online to order your copy of the Comedy Improvisation Manual now! While you’re there, don’t forget to check out what shows are taking the stage at the comedy theatre in Chelsea. The best way to learn improv comedy is to watch it, so head down to the theatre and start learning today!

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