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5 Signs You Need Garage Door Service From Branson's Experts October 6, 2016

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5 Signs You Need Garage Door Service From Branson's Experts, Scott, Missouri

Garage doors are typically the largest doors to a home, but often one of the last things homeowners think of repairing until a major problem occurs. Well-versed with these key home features, Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service in Branson, MO, says keeping a regular eye on garage door performance will help identify the need for garage door service before issues become serious and require costly repairs.

According to these professionals, here are five signs homeowners should look for to determine whether they need garage door service:

  • Problems Opening & Closing: One of the most obvious signs a garage door is out of service is if it doesn’t open or close correctly — or at all. Sometimes, this response is due to common problems like dead remote control batteries or an object blocking the sensor. However, if addressing these points doesn’t fix the door’s ability to open and close, you may need a closer inspection from a trusted professional.
  • Safety Concerns: Garage doors are very heavy and forceful, which is why it’s essential for your system to have a working sensor that can prevent injury and damage. If your sensor is no longer working or having trouble reading blockages, you’ll want to get garage door service immediately. Additionally, if you’ve experienced a break-in, you may want to look into adding security features or buying a new garage door unit.
  • garage door serviceCreaking Noises: With all the mechanisms that assist garage doors, it’s hard to avoid some noise. However, if you notice noises that indicate stress or hear any creaking sounds, your system could have a problem with springs, tracking, or the opener. Fortunately, if caught early, you may only need a quick garage door repair and not a completely new unit.
  • Energy Loss: If you have a temperature-controlled garage and notice spikes in your energy bill, you may need to make a few changes. Sometimes, updating your door’s weather tracking can be enough to protect against energy loss and high bills. However, if your garage door is getting up in years, you may just want to opt for a new garage door unit that offers greater insulation.
  • Dented Or Sagging Door: Whether a car tapped the outside of your garage door or it can no longer hold its weight, a damaged unit will typically need some time of repair. If this is the case, contact an emergency garage door service to assess the situation and determine the best solution.

If you notice any of these signs or want to explore options in new residential garage doors, talk to the experts at Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service by calling (417) 336-4381 or visiting them online. Helping with everything from minor repairs to new garage door installation, these professionals will deliver garage door service that is safe, cost-effective, and reliable. For more, find them on Facebook.

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