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Santiam Medical Associates provides a full spectrum of care for the entire family, from newborn to geriatric. As a certified Patient-Centered Medical Home, it supports the medical needs of all ages, with a focus on pediatrics, wellness and preventive care, and adult medicine. The Clinic's physicians and care providers are actively involved in the communities they serve, and offer expertise and assistance to international communities in distress.

Helpful Preventative Care FAQ Guide Explains Its Importance January 9, 2017

Helpful Preventative Care FAQ Guide Explains Its Importance, Stayton, Oregon

Preventative care is a term that’s been used in the medical community for years, but you may not be clear what all it entails. Santiam Hospital provides the Mid-Willamette Valley community in Oregon with excellent specialized care and helpful health resources.

Many local patients are unsure about preventative care—what it is and how it can help them live their best lives. In response to these questions, the dedicated practitioners from Santiam Hospital have created this helpful FAQ guide to show just how important preventative care is. 

Preventative Care FAQ

What Is Preventative Care?

The basic idea behind preventative care is to prevent health problems from occurring, identify the potential for future health problems, or otherwise address health issues before they present further harm. Preventative care can diagnose and treat illnesses early on, saving lives.

What Does Preventative Care Entail?

Primary care clinics have always used the principles of preventative care in their medical treatments. Staples of modern medicine like vaccinations, lab tests, and annual exams can all be categorized as preventative care. 

Does Preventative Care Involve Medical Treatments? 

Preventative CareMany people hear preventative care and assume that it means more medications and doctors appointments, but the goal is actually the opposite. Preventative care is about gathering as much information as possible to give patients and their doctors the knowledge to prevent potential health problems. 

How Has Preventative Care Changed? 

Preventative care continues to improve as diagnostic imaging and knowledge about the importance of lifestyle choices becomes more comprehensive. Santiam Hospital’s doctors can use information like a family history of diabetes or a predisposition to develop osteoporosis to help their patients make informed lifestyle decisions and take advantage of preventative care treatments. 

Who Can Benefit From Preventative Care? 

Everyone wins when preventative care is used! Children, adults, and elderly people all benefit from primary care clinics that use preventative care. Regular screenings, hearing and eye exams, and blood tests help millions of people avoid unnecessary medical problems every year. 

If you want to give yourself and your family the best possible future, preventative care is essential. To find out more about their services, contact one of Santiam Hospital’s primary care clinics online or call the main line now at (503) 769-2175.

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