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Understanding Sedation Dentistry & Its Many Benefits October 6, 2016

Ripon, Fond du Lac
Understanding Sedation Dentistry & Its Many Benefits, Ripon, Wisconsin

Try as we might, it's not exactly realistic for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to visiting the dentist. Some fear the concept itself, while others are simply sensitive to certain procedures, and that's why sedation dentistry is such a common practice. Hillside Dental Associates has been a staple of the Ripon, WI, community for over 30 years, and their compassionate doctors and staff members want all of their patients to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. With sedation dentistry, they can both work more effectively and help their patients feel at ease. 

If you're unfamiliar with sedation dentistry, or simply want to learn more about it, here are some frequently asked questions to better illuminate the process: 

Who Should Consider Sedation Dentistry? 

Sedation dentistry is a great option for adults with some reservations or fears regarding the dentist. Sedation medications are taken sublingually (under the tongue), which helps those who hate needles. It's also a viable solution for anyone who gags easily, has very sensitive teeth, or complex dental problems that will call for a longer appointment.

Is The Process Painful? 

SedationNot only do most patients not feel any pain or discomfort while sedated, but they also tend to feel good after all is said and done. During the process, you'll receive just enough sedation to make you unaware of the treatment, and your memory may be hazy as a result. 

What Medication Is Used? 

The sedative pill most commonly used is called Triazolam. The effects are short acting, and your body will use up about half of it within two hours. As a schedule IV substance, it is only one category higher than aspirin, and physicians commonly prescribe it as a safe sleeping aid. 

What Can I Expect After The Procedure?

You should feel relatively normal after the procedure, so whatever recovery instructions you received for the general visit will apply. For safety's sake, however, you will need to plan for someone else to drive you home. 

Sedation dentistry is just one of the methods Hillside Dental Associates has in place to make you feel more comfortable. They value the relationships they establish with their patients, and you'll be treated to state-of-the-art dental care whether you're there for a general checkup or a dental emergency. Visit them online to learn about the procedures they offer and more, and give them a call at (920) 748-6122 to schedule an appointment today.

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