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Invisible Fence of Newtown Offers Info on Humane Invisible Fences October 6, 2016

Newtown, Fairfield County
Invisible Fence of Newtown Offers Info on Humane Invisible Fences, Newtown, Connecticut

Wanting to find a humane and effective way to keep your pet localized and safe is natural. In Connecticut, pet owners rely on Invisible Fence of Newtown to provide customizable, affordable, and humane invisible fences. They are passionate about providing pet owners and pets with safe and effective solutions to pet roaming issues and have been doing so successfully since 1997. Invisible Fence of Newtown’s pet containment systems are often recommended by vets as well as pet behaviorists and experts.

Here’s some information about their humane invisible fences:

Invisible Fences Do Require Training

humane invisible fencesLike any pet in a new situation, it can take some time for a dog to learn how to interact with their new invisible fence. Rest assured that the compassionate and expert invisible fence training team will be glad to offer guidance on their proven four-step dog training program. This program has a 99.5% success rate with all types of dogs!

Invisible Fences Are Both Humane & Effective

Invisible fences offer a static correction that can be compared to what you may feel walking across a carpet with static build-up. They are designed to safely get a dog’s attention and teach them boundaries. The fences offer both a brief audible tone and customizable static correction. Like a mother teaching a pup, the humane invisible fences redirect the dog and also allow the dog to enjoy the freedom of spending time outdoors.

Whether you are looking for a convenient solution to keeping your dog in a safe area outdoors or indoors, Invisible Fence of Newtown will be glad to discuss their humane invisible fences solutions with you. You can learn more about their effective and humane pet containment systems when you call (888) 429-2421 or go to their website.

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