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Land Development & Construction: Ripping Vineyards October 4, 2016

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Land Development & Construction: Ripping Vineyards, Boerne, Texas

Ripping is a common practice among farmers during site construction and development. The purpose of this process is to mechanically break up compacted soil layers, which achieves a uniform root zone. Ripping is also used in vineyard establishment to promote easy and rapid root penetration, as well as water movement.

Landowners of Kendall, Kerr, Bexar, and Comal counties in Texas rely on the experts at Saur Construction when they need ripping services for their vineyard. Grapevines need deeper, usable soil and good drainage to grow, which is one of the benefits of ripping.

Here a few important things to know about ripping vineyards:

  • When Is It Necessary? Ripping is recommended in the presence of physical or chemical root impediment, within a depth of up to one meter. It’s also done if there are shallows hard sheet rocks, drainage barriers, carbonate layers, and any penetration resistance present in the soil.
  • constructionWhat Happens When You Rip? Ripping is usually done by a large, track-type tractor with a winged shank blade. This breaks up hard pans, poorly structured peds, compacted soil layers, and other physical barriers. The outcome is a softened soil adequate for planting.
  • When Is The Best Time To Rip? Successful ripping relies on appropriate soil moisture content since it’s necessary for optimum root penetration. Construction companies do it during late autumn when the soil is moist but not saturated and late spring when soil is dry instead of dehydrated. 
  • What Are The Benefits? Softened soil, achieved through ripping, allows the roots of grapevines to penetrate a full depth effectively. Ripping also creates water and air storage pores, improving irrigation and drainage. It will also assist in the application of soil fertilizers such as lime and gypsum.

Ripping can boost vine growth and performance, sustaining fruit production for as long as possible. Call the experts of Saur Construction at (830) 995-2472 to get your vineyard started. They also offer land clearing, road construction, and property development. Visit the website for additional details about how to get started, and like them on Facebook for updates. 

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