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5 Signs You Might Be Pregnant October 3, 2016

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5 Signs You Might Be Pregnant, Zanesville, Ohio

Heartbeats offers men and women in Zanesville, OH, access to a safe place for pregnancy support and abortion alternatives. Our dedicated and compassionate staff gives every person who walks through our doors a helping hand and access to free pregnancy tests. 

In addition to providing in-person services, our team at Heartbeats takes pride in making information about unplanned pregnancy readily available to women who are looking for a trustworthy source. If you think you might be pregnant, this guide to common pregnancy symptoms is a great place to start:

Pregnancy Support Guide: 5 Signs You Might Be Pregnant


unplanned-pregnancy-support-OHIf you’re feeling unusually tired and just sort of run down, you might be pregnant. Creating a new life requires a lot of energy, so it’s perfectly natural to feel like you’ve been drained of energy when you’re pregnant. 

You’ve Missed Your Period

A late period or irregular cycle can be caused by a variety of things, including weight loss or gain, perimenopause, or even adrenal and hormonal issues. However, a completely missed period is one of the most telling signs of pregnancy. Any time you’ve missed your period, you should seek medical attention to determine the cause. 


According to the unplanned pregnancy counselors at Heartbeats, nausea is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Some women experience nausea and vomiting, but others can go through their pregnancy without any nausea whatsoever.

Frequent Trips To The Bathroom

When you’re pregnant, your body creates extra fluids to support both you and your baby. As a result, most expectant moms experience increased urination during the course of their pregnancies. 

Increased Tenderness

Often, the first sign one is pregnant is increased breast sensitivity and tenderness. If you have no other reason to be sore, your breast tenderness may be a symptom of pregnancy. 

Navigating an unplanned pregnancy is difficult, but every year, Heartbeats helps hundreds of women by making abortion alternatives known and offering free pregnancy support. To learn more about how Heartbeats can help you during this time, visit us online or call us at (740) 450-5437.