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How Do You Prepare Pet Containment Systems for Winter? September 29, 2016

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How Do You Prepare Pet Containment Systems for Winter?, Newtown, Connecticut

You rely on pet containment systems day in and day out to keep your furry friends safely on your property. But with colder weather on the way, you may be wondering how your invisible fence will continue to keep your pets safe during the stormy winter months. Thankfully, the team at Invisible Fence of Newtown in Connecticut has some key insights to help you protect your pet.

While the in-ground wiring used in pet containment systems is built to last for many years, there are a few signs you should watch for that might indicate there is a problem. Digging near the wire’s location, severe weather, and even burrowing animals could result in a wire break that compromises the functionality of your invisible fence. Should this occur, your control panel will begin beeping constantly to notify you of the wire break and the need to temporarily keep your pets indoors.

pet containment systemsAlternatively, you may wish to expand or adjust the boundaries of your pet containment system in preparation for winter. For example, you might further restrict your pet’s boundaries to keep them close to the house during cold weather, so you can be more fully aware of their health and well-being. 

Whether you need some minor repairs or wish to extend the boundaries of your pet containment systems, it’s best to contact a certified technician before winter sets in. The colder weather not only makes it uncomfortable to be outside, but it also hardens the ground, making it more difficult when you need to place boundary flags to mark the areas where a technician needs to work.

By dealing with any wire breaks or containment boundary adjustments before freezing weather arrives, you and your pet will be better prepared for whatever winter has in store for you.

For reliable, humane pet containment systems, look no further than Invisible Fence of Newtown. To learn more about their dog training products or to request a free consultation for your home, visit them online or call (888) 429-2421.

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