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New York’s Top Property Management Company Explains the Walkthrough Process September 28, 2016

Inwood, Manhattan
New York’s Top Property Management Company Explains the Walkthrough Process , Manhattan, New York

After all the months that go into planning and building a new residential or commercial structure, it’s exciting when it comes time to do the walkthrough. This is one of the most important stages of any new construction project, as it gives the property owner a chance to see how progress is being made and request changes before the structure becomes occupied.

As New York’s leading property management company, Arc Property Management Group is well-versed in all areas of real estate. Below, the company provides valuable information about inspecting a new property development:

Walkthrough Process

There is generally more than one walkthrough conducted throughout the construction process. The first one is typically done before any drywall work has been performed; owners can view the structure’s framing and mechanical systems before they get covered up.

The next one may be done a few days before the scheduled completion date so owners can get detailed instructions on how to operate everything. This is also the time to inspect all surfaces for visible damage. The final walkthrough is done once the changes and repairs have been made.

How To Prepare

Property Management CompanyProperty management companies strongly suggest that owners properly prepare for a walkthrough. It’s a good idea to make a list of questions; these include finding out exactly what’s covered under the builder’s maintenance and warranty policies. Be ready to take notes and photos, and do research to gain a clear understanding of what needs to be examined in each room and on the exterior.

Tips For A Successful Walkthrough

It’s essential for a property owner to allow enough time for a thorough walkthrough to take place. It isn’t something that should be rushed and will require plenty of focus to make certain nothing is overlooked.

Put any requests for repairs or changes in writing so that it’s documented in case there is a need to look back at a later date. Also, during the second and third walkthroughs keep an eye out for any new issues that may have come up since the previous visit.

Knowing what to expect during the walkthrough process will help to make sure a structure is completed to your satisfaction. Contact Arc Property Management Group at (800) 769-8084, or visit their website for more information on how the property management company can help you achieve your property ownership goals. 

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