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Why Properly Fitting Running Shoes Are Essential October 15, 2016

Washington, Montgomery
Why Properly Fitting Running Shoes Are Essential , Washington, Ohio

There are 1,660,032 inches traveled during a marathon. Every one of them can be uncomfortable if you’re wearing the wrong running shoe. But whether you’re running 26.2 miles, walking 13.1 miles, jogging or walking around the block for your daily exercise, you need shoes that fit the unique contours of your feet to avoid pain and discomfort. According to Ohio’ s Up and Running In Dayton, a foot analysis and measurement can help you find the running or walking shoe that’s right for you.

Up and Running in Dayton is a running and fitness apparel shop that serves the greater Dayton area.  The shop’s mission is to help solve a problem many runners & walkers face, finding a comfortable & properly fitting shoe.  No two runners have the same shaped feet. Even if two people have similar feet, they can have different shoe needs based on the contours of the foot. Squeezing into the wrong-sized shoe can cause friction and discomfort that becomes exaggerated over the course of the run.

Up and Running in Dayton eliminates this problem by taking customers thought  a unique fit process for running & walking shoes. Their team of fit specialists first examines the customer’s feet for abnormalities and discusses any pain points. Then, the foot is measured with a Brannock device and a shoe type is picked based on the individuals foot type, natural gait and workout requirements.

Let Up and Running in Dayton help you find the running or walking shoe that’s right for you. Call (937) 432-9210 or visit them online for more store information.

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