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5 Signs You Might Need Truck Suspension Repair September 30, 2016

South End, Waterbury
5 Signs You Might Need Truck Suspension Repair , Waterbury, Connecticut

Whether you drive a truck as part of your work commute or operate a big rig cross-country, your vehicle’s suspension plays a major role in keeping you on the road safely. Having specialized in truck suspension repair in Waterbury, CT, for more than a century, Perreault Spring & Equipment explains that no motorist wants to be left on the road or stalled in their lot due to a poor suspension system.

Specializing in fleet repair and maintenance, this leading Waterbury truck repair shop has found that one of the best ways to protect a vehicle’s capabilities is to look out for suspension problems before they get out of control. Here are the top five signs that indicate you need truck suspension repair:

  • auto-suspension-repair-WaterburyInconsistent Treads: Tire treads can tell a lot about the recent history of your car and its suspension. If you notice an uneven pattern in your car’s tire treads or see balding spots, your suspension could be off, causing the tires to hit the road inconsistently.
  • Turning Trouble: If you experience a drifting or pulling sensation when turning your vehicle, suspension problems are likely preventing stability. Specifically, your truck’s shocks aren’t working to stabilize the motion of the vehicle—and that could increase your risk of rolling over.
  • Body Bouncing: A simple test could help demonstrate the effectiveness of your auto suspension parts. When parked, press against the front and rear of the car’s body. If it continues to bounce a few times after release, it’s a sign the suspension has seen better days. Similarly, if you experience bouncing when your truck goes over bumps, you likely have a problem with the struts or shocks.
  • Downward Stops: When you approach a stop, check to see how your truck responds when the brakes are applied. A forward motion met with a dipping movement could indicate your shocks are worn. This problem shouldn’t be ignored; your truck is at risk of slower stopping, which could lead to a collision.
  • Fluid On The Shocks: Take a look at the shocks or struts beneath the truck’s body. Are they greasy or oily? If so, fluid is probably leaking due to bad shocks that need to be replaced.

If you notice any of these suspension problems with your truck, call Perreault Spring & Equipment for convenient truck suspension repair. Find more details about their truck repair services in Waterbury by visiting their website, or call (203) 753-2147 today.

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