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3 Hair Bows & Ribbons Perfect to Show Your School Spirit September 27, 2016

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3 Hair Bows & Ribbons Perfect to Show Your School Spirit, Half Moon, North Carolina

Whether you’re planning for a pep rally or looking for something to give your cheerleaders to wear at the next big game, hair bows are the perfect option for showing school spirit. Lynne’s Unique Creations & Boutique in Jacksonville, NC, specializes in creating custom hair bows and ribbons for every occasion, and they can help you bring a sense of camaraderie to students and the local community.

Here are three perfect hair accessory ideas to show your school pride:

  • hair bowsBoutique Hair Bows: Boutique hair bows are the most popular hair bow on the market. These bows are traditionally made out of grosgrain ribbon and can be made in various sizes depending on your preference. A custom bow maker can use your school’s colors to create a boutique piece using beautiful loops. The bow will have a center knot that lies flat and can be easily attached to a clip.
  • Pinwheel Hair Bows: Pinwheel hair bows are also a popular option for showing school spirit. They have more loops than a standard boutique bow, earning their name based on the way they resemble an actual pinwheel. They have a center knot that can be flattened and multiple ribbons and colors can be used when creating a pinwheel hair bow. 
  • Korker Ribbon Hair Bows: Korker hair bows are all about the ribbon! These bows are made by curling ribbons using applied heat or liquid starch. Once all the ribbons are curled, they are sewn together to look like a pompom or ribbon puff. The festive appearance is ideal for showing off your school spirit.

If you live in the greater Jacksonville, NC, area and you’re looking for custom hair bows and interesting crafts from a local consignment shop, call Lynne’s Unique Creations & Boutique today at (910) 219-0442. To find out more about their hair bows, visit the boutique’s website.

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