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4 Ways to Retain the Quality of Your Saw Blades September 29, 2016

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4 Ways to Retain the Quality of Your Saw Blades, Anchorage, Alaska

Quality power tools make many jobs exponentially easier, but when it comes to saws, you can’t accomplish much with a dull blade. Ensure your circular saw blades retain their sharpness with high-quality care from Northern Knives. For 20 years, these professionals have specialized in custom knives and blades, and they pride themselves on providing some of the sharpest wares in Anchorage, AK. Additionally, they are the knife shop you can depend on for any type of maintenance.

If your circular saw blades aren’t cutting like they used to, bring them in to Northern Knives. They know the best maintenance techniques and will be happy to share their wealth of information. Here are the top four tips that these knife sharpening experts usually recommend to their customers:

  • Avoid Moisture: Moisture or humidity can result in rust that will eventually eat away at the metal, causing it to quickly deteriorate and lose its quality. Northern Knives recommends storing all blades in a dry place where there’s no risk of damp conditions.
  • Routine Cleaning: Not cleaning your saw blades off after each job can result in dull edges and force the equipment to work harder than it has to on the next project. Northern Knives suggests gently cleaning off the blades with a nylon or brass brush to effectively remove any debris and applying a cleaner to maintain the quality of the metal.
  • saw bladesAvoid Overheating: If your blade is too dull for the material you’re working with or the material is too tough to cut through, don’t force it. Persisting when the metal is overheating from too much friction could result in cracking the blade and risks injury from flying fragments.
  • Rest On Softer Surfaces: Once you’re done using the circular saw or need a place to rest it during a quick break, make sure you have some plywood or plastic nearby. Consistently placing a circular saw on metal or cement will eventually dull the blade.

If you ever find yourself with dull saw blades or knives, bring them over to Northern Knives. With their high-quality equipment and expertise, they’ll soon have your blades looking as good as new. Give them a call at (907) 569-1800 to set up an appointment or visit their website for additional information. Stop by their Facebook or Twitter pages for more tips on how to care for your knives.

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