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3 Advantages of Having a Water Well October 29, 2016

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3 Advantages of Having a Water Well, New Milford, Connecticut

For many people living outside of metropolitan areas, owning a water well is simply a way of life. According to the well drilling team at Werner Well & Pump Service LLC in New Milford, CT, relying on an aquifer is an affordable, efficient, and safe way to supply your home or office with potable water for drinking, washing, and bathing. In fact, some claim that well water tastes better than municipal water since it’s not treated with any chemicals.

Whether you’ve always lived in the country or you’re thinking about going off the grid, here are three major advantages of water wells:

  • water wellNo Restrictions: One of the greatest benefits of depending on a water well is that you can use it as you please. While municipal water systems place restrictions on usage times and the amount based on drought conditions, you are given free reign over your water well throughout the year.
  • No Additives: When you live in a developed area, your drinking water has to be treated at a plant with fluoride or chlorine. Since well water is treated on your property in your well house, you can rest assured knowing the water you consume is safe to drink, fresh, and all-natural.
  • Easy To Maintain: Having a water well is relatively easy to maintain; all you need is an experienced well contracting company to provide routine checkups and service work.

Installing a water well on your property is an integral part of living off of the grid. If you are planning on having a well drilled on your property, contact Werner Well & Pump Service by calling (860) 354-0290 or visit them online today.

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