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Preplanning a Funeral: Tips to Start the Conversation October 5, 2016

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Preplanning a Funeral: Tips to Start the Conversation, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Planning the events that immediately follow your passing ahead of time relieves your family members of the emotional and financial stresses that come with arranging a memorial service and funeral. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away the fact that starting a conversation about death is one of the hardest things to do. How can you open up to your family about these plans?

Middendorf Funeral Home, a funeral home servicing Northern Kentucky, offers tips on how to start the conversation about preplanning a funeral:

  • Pick An Opportune Time For Discussion: You can raise the issue of planning your funeral arrangements when talking fondly of a friend or family member who passed away. If you’re a senior, plans for your retirement may include traveling to exotic locations, starting a new hobby, or finding a suitable retirement home. When discussing these plans, you can take a step further and segue into talking about what you want your family to do upon your passing.
  • funeral homeSet A Time For Discussion: Easing into the conversation is one approach to take, but you can also be straightforward about your intentions. Gather your immediate family members to talk about your funeral; share your plans with them and ask for their opinions and suggestions. Involving them in these plans will reduce their anxiety, and you can also discuss where to seek help in choosing the best memorial plans and funeral service
  • Show Them You Care: Start the conversation by showing concern for your family’s well-beingExplain to your children or parents why you're planning your funeral early. Tell them how preplanning your funeral can reduce the emotional, physical, and financial stress that arranging your memorial service may bring.

If you’re considering planning your funeral ahead of time, partner with a caring funeral home such as Middendorf Funeral Home. Their directors will walk you through the preplanning process from start to finish. Call (859) 341-7800 to discuss your options or visit them online today.

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