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How Trees Survive Winter in New York September 23, 2016

How Trees Survive Winter in New York, ,

Trees go through many changes throughout the year, and one of the most interesting transformations takes place during the winter. Owens Bros. Tree Service is a trusted local tree company in the Bronx, NY, and they offer a variety of tree maintenance, care, and removal services. These licensed and insured tree experts rely on over fifty years of experience to offer professional tree care solutions to customers at competitive rates. Owens Bros. Tree Service is happy to answer some frequently asked questions about how trees survive in the winter.

Do Trees Hibernate In The Winter? 

In a way, yes, trees do hibernate—it’s called entering dormancy. The trees’ cells stop dividing and their growth and metabolism slow down so that they can conserve more energy. Dormancy occurs in both deciduous and coniferous trees.

Why Do Trees Lose Their Leaves?

Deciduous trees lose their leaves as part of their winter energy conservation process. As winter approaches, abscisic acid (ABA) gathers in the buds where branches and leaves connect and it signals to the leaves that it’s time to fall off. ABA is also responsible for stopping cell division and slowing tree growth in the winter.

Why Don’t Trees Freeze?

treesMuch of a tree’s trunk is made up of dead cells, which can freeze without harming a tree. Trees keep their living cells from freezing in various ways—one of the primary methods is to make solutes such as sugar, which decrease water’s freezing point within the tree. Once this happens, the trees’ living cells can become extremely cold without forming ice crystals.

Can I Help The Trees In My Yard Survive?

While, as explained above, trees have a variety of built-in winter protections, you can support their survival as well. Two common options are using a root-promoting fertilizer in the fall and mulching around the tree roots in winter to reduce moisture loss.

The tree experts at Owens Bros. Tree Service are passionate about caring for and maintaining the trees on your property in every season. They even offer 24/7 emergency services. You can learn more about their various tree services when you call (718) 885-0914, check out their Facebook page, or visit their informative website.

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