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Academy Records Proudly Opens Their Extensive & Convenient Webstore August 25, 2014

West Village, Manhattan
Academy Records Proudly Opens Their Extensive & Convenient Webstore, Manhattan, New York

Academy Records provides a very special service to passionate record collectors, offering music and film lovers with a wide selection of CDs, vinyl records, and DVDs. As the music and film industries turn digital with downloading and streaming, there are still people who want to grow their collection and hold a record or film in their hands.

There’s something thrilling about entering a music store full of rare records, classic records, and other hidden gems. Maybe you’re looking for something specific, maybe you’re just browsing for a hidden gem. Either way, it is a great way to pass the time. But not everyone has the free time to perusing through a huge collection of records, CDs, and DVDs. That’s why Academy Records now provides customers with a complete webstore, bringing their complete inventory online!

The Academy Webstore makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The online record store shows current highlights of the latest additions and allows you to search by specific genre and type. Whether you’re looking for new releases, popular artists, or rare records, or reissued pressings, there’s something for you online. The store even provides international shipping!

Not many music stores provide shoppers with the unique selection that Academy Records does. Whether you’re a traditional record store shopper or a modern online shopper, Academy Records has a variety of options for you. Visit NYC’s best record store online to learn more or call (212) 780-9166 and see what its in-store today!

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