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Timeless Tree Care Advice From the Gurus at Lamb Tree Services September 27, 2016

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Timeless Tree Care Advice From the Gurus at Lamb Tree Services, Dexter, Kentucky

If a tree falls in the forest it may or may not make a sound, but if it falls in your neighbor’s yard it might result in a lawsuit. Tree care is incredibly important to keeping our properties clean and safe and our trees healthy and happy, but determining what they require takes years of experience and the know-how of a professional arborist, such as Lamb Tree Service in Dexter, KY. They have acquired a wealth of tree-related wisdom over their 18 years of business, and here they share some of their valuable tips for maintaining the health and well-being of the trees on your property.

Good tree care starts at the nursery, so consider several factors when deciding what type to plant. Do you want a tree for aesthetics or to block the wind? Are you planting in a shady, moist area or will it be high and dry? Are you in the correct hardiness zone? Every tree has different needs so make sure that your tree will be comfortable in the location you select. Also, take a moment to envision your tree fully grown to make sure that it will have room to thrive. Planting a behemoth too close to the house could cause damage to both.

tree careAs your tree grows, there are a few easy ways to promote its health. When it comes to watering, make sure that the soil is moist but not soggy, especially with young trees as they have a more difficult time maintaining proper moisture levels. Also, adding mulch to the base of the tree will not only protect against lawnmower damage but will help maintain soil moisture and keep weeds from growing and causing root competition.

Though your tree care efforts might be directed at promoting tree growth, regular pruning is essential to good tree care—so keep it trimmed. Pruning will yield varied results based on the season. Winter pruning will result in explosive spring growth and is the most common type of pruning. Summer pruning is an effective way to remove sagging branches or unhealthy looking boughs and it is the best season to assess the shape of the tree. For larger jobs, and larger trees, it is best to consult with a tree care expert like Lamb Tree Service for the safety of both you and your tree.

If you have trees on your property and you don’t know how healthy they are or whether they require maintenance, call an arborist today. Many companies, such as Lamb Tree Services, servicing Benton, Dexter, and Murray, KY, offer free estimates for tree trimming or thinning so call them at (270) 753-2020 or visit them online. Like them on Facebook to see action photos covering everything from tree and trunk removal to tree takedown.

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