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4 Benefits of Stainless Steel From Mountain Grove Steel Fabricators September 22, 2016

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4 Benefits of Stainless Steel From Mountain Grove Steel Fabricators, Wood, Missouri

Many people know about the kitchen applications made of stainless steel, but not everyone knows about the unique benefits it has over other materials. While the metal is typically more expensive than other types, it makes up for that with incredible quality. Douglass Steel, Mountain Grove, MO’s leading welding experts, explain why:

4 Benefits Of Stainless Steel

High Strength

steelStainless steel is a lot stronger than other types of metalwork, even at a lower thickness. This makes it a great choice for a wide variety of uses, from architecture to oil drilling.

Fire Resistant

If you’re concerned about scaling at high temperatures, you’ll be glad to know that stainless steel retains its strength at temperatures other metal types cannot withstand.


While stainless steel is stronger than other types of metal, it is still easy to manipulate. The resilient material can be cut, welded, and fabricated just as easily as other materials without significant quality loss.

Easy To Maintain

It’s not referred to as “stainless” for a reason; stainless steel is particularly able to resist stains and corrosion, making it very easy to clean. The bright and shining surface is not only modern looking, but it is also high quality. Many hospitals choose the metal for its significant ability to resist corrosion, heat damage, and chemical damage.

For whatever your metal needs are, stainless steel is an impeccable option. In Mountain Grove, MO, Douglass Steel can provide you with high-grade steel at competitive prices. For your free quote, you can reach the metal manufacturing plant at (417) 926-5589, or by visiting them online.

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