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NYC’s Best Irish Pub Launches Dingle Original Handcrafted Gin April 15, 2014

Financial District, Manhattan
NYC’s Best Irish Pub Launches Dingle Original Handcrafted Gin, Manhattan, New York

The Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern is known for its whiskey and stout beer. In addition to these great selections, the NYC Irish pub is also preparing to launch its very own handcrafted brand of gin, made exclusively in Ireland. Dingle Original Gin is an artisanal pot still gin distilled in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland. Dingle Original Gin is one of two gins created in Ireland, and is the result of copious amounts of research and experimentation. With this creation, The Porterhouse seeks to create an innovative brand while still keeping the gin distilling tradition very much alive.

Dingle Original Gin is made in small, 500-liter batches that combine the flavors of London dry gin and a meticulous choice of botanicals for a unique taste and floral character. The bar is not quite prepared to fully reveal the recipe that gives the gin its character. However, they are willing to share certain ingredients, such as fuschia, bog myrtle, rowanberry from mountain ash trees, and hawthorn and heather from the Kerry landscape. This formula is exclusive to the Dingle distillery and instills a sense of origin in the drink.

Once all the ingredients are mixed, they are soaked in spirit for 24 hours. Once distilled, the spirit passes through a flavor basket at the neck of the still. The entire process exhibits the same great attention to detail that is seen in all Porterhouse beverages. There isn’t an exact way to describe the taste of Dingle Original Gin; you’ll simply have to try it yourself!

The Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern has an impressive selection of drinks that will only be made stronger with the addition of Dingle Original Gin. As a gin brewed directly in Ireland, you can be sure that it will carry the same great quality as the other selections you’ve come to love at the NYC Irish pub. The Porterhouse has been proudly serving New York City for many years and invites you to try the new product upon launch. For more information on Dingle Original Gin, as well as private party rooms and happy hours, visit the Irish pub online.