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Water Pollutants & Water Purification: Anderson Water Systems Explains What You Should Worry About August 18, 2014

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Water Pollutants & Water Purification: Anderson Water Systems Explains What You Should Worry About, Henrietta, New York

Should you worry about water pollutants? If you’re not using a water purification or filtration system, the answer is yes! Anderson Water Systems knows that clear water does not necessarily mean clean water. Their mission is to educate New York residents and provide them with the safest, cleanest water possible.

Water pollutants are extraordinarily common in the New York public water supply and can cause a range of side effects from dry skin and plugged pipes to stomach discomfort and increased cancer risk. Some of the most common contaminants take the form of mineral deposits, metals, salts, bacteria, gases, and various harmful chemicals.

Here are three of the most common water pollutants:

  • Lead: Lead is notorious for its health problems. It can cause developmental abnormalities, learning disabilities, kidney issues, and even high blood pressure. This problematic metal has been found in paint chips, some commercial products, and unfortunately, household plumbing materials. When your plumbing materials corrode, lead seeps into your water supply. 
  • Chlorine: New York uses a combination of chlorine and ultraviolet light to treat its water. Unfortunately, chlorine stays in the water supply all the way to your tap. It tastes and smells bad, dries out skin and hair, causes stomach discomfort, and fades clothes. It can even shorten the lives of your appliances by drying out their rubber seals.


  • Hard Water: The term ‘hard water’ refers to the dissolved mineral deposits of calcium and magnesium in your water. For many New York residents, the most common side effects are itchy dry skin and ugly soap spots on shower doors and glassware. By softening your water, you allow soaps to do their job and then rinse completely. That way, it doesn’t stay on your glassware, your shower doors, your clothes, and your skin.

Want to take water safety into your own hands? Anderson Water Systems has provided New Yorkers with exceptional water purification and filtration systems since 1954. Call (585) 385-6610 or visit their website to take advantage of a free in-home water analysis. Whether you need high quality water purification, reliable drinking systems, or professional water softening, Anderson Water Systems is here to help keep your water crisp, clean, and safe.

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