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What Home Inspections Entail & How They Keep You Safe September 28, 2016

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What Home Inspections Entail & How They Keep You Safe, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

While moving into a new home is often an exciting experience, it’s understandable if you feel concerned that the home might not be as safe as it could be. That’s why the experts at S & K Home Inspections, based in Kittanning, PA, offer thorough home inspections designed to provide you with the peace of mind to move into your new house comfortably. Performing all necessary steps, from a foundation inspection to water testing, they’ll do thorough work to ensure that your new home is in the best possible condition.

What Do Home Inspections Include?

The home inspection process involves working through a long checklist of tasks to get a full sense of a house’s condition. Although a house may appear to be safe and well-maintained at first glance, you can’t be entirely sure it’s ready for occupancy until trained experts take a closer look.

Home InspectionsDuring a home inspection, the team will examine both the inside and outside of the property to ensure maximum safety. They’ll make sure there is no dangerous vegetation close to the house, they’ll check to see that decks and other outdoor fixtures are safe for use, and they’ll perform a foundation inspection to determine whether or not the house is built on safe ground.

When they turn their attention to the interior of the home, the inspectors will make sure that smoke detectors are in good working order, exposed insulation isn’t dangerous, and heating/electrical components are installed and working properly for your safety.

If you’re moving into a home in the Kittanning, PA, area, and need a team of experts to provide you with a thorough home inspection, hire the professionals at S & K Home Inspections. They’ll make sure your new house is ready for you to move in. Visit them online to learn more, or call (724) 545-3307.