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Three Types of Storm Damage to Watch Out For From Kentucky’s Expert Roofers August 29, 2014

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Three Types of Storm Damage to Watch Out For From Kentucky’s Expert Roofers, Erlanger, Kentucky

Matt Spencer and his team of trusty roofing specialists at Spence Company, LLC, have been serving Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee since 1994. They have years of experience in commercial roofing, metal roofing, roof shingles and window repair, making the team incredibly knowledgeable in general roofing maintenance and repair. While some of the damage is caused due to the weathering of your roof and house over time, sometimes damage is caused from storms or bad weather that hits your home. 

Here, they discuss how to identify three different types of possible storm damage that can occur to your roof and the rest of your home:

  1. Roofing damage. Asphalt roofing shingles are strong, durable, and built to last, but a severe storm can still damage them. Hail causes discoloration of the shingles, which appear as bruises or dark spots, and can also cause holes or cracks. After a tornado, you may see split seams, torn shingles, and some may even be missing! If a tree or part of a tree has fallen on your roof, there may be extremely hazardous structural damage to your roof and home, and you will need to call a professional tree removal specialist and a roofing repair expert ASAP.
  2. Exterior of your home. Hail, wind, heavy rain, and flying debris may cause exterior damage to your home, including chips and cracks in paint or siding, holes or breaks, dents, and discoloration. Your home may need a new coat of paint to restore it to its previous splendor.
  3. Windows. During a storm, your windows may crack, break or shatter. A broken, shattered window is extremely hazardous to your home and family, and must be repaired as soon as possible.

Luckily, Spence Company, LLC provides services to remedy these three types of storm damage. They will repair your roof, paint the exterior of your home, and fix windows. Visit their website to read about the company and its services, or call (859) 393-5264 or (888) 789-0740 toll free today! 

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