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Mind Over Matter Teaches NYC the Four Best At-Home Exercises October 6, 2011

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Mind Over Matter Teaches NYC the Four Best At-Home Exercises, Manhattan, New York

If you’re looking for a great way to get in shape without spending long hours in the gym, Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness would like to offer some easy tips for staying lean, firm and toned – without leaving the house.

Certified Personal Trainer Joshua Margolis of Mind Over Matter has prepared a list of the best four exercises you can perform from your own home.

Exercise 1: The Push-up

Push-ups: the classic upper-body exercise. There’s a reason why most militaries train using this exercise, and that’s because they’re tough on the body. If you find yourself struggling to perform these killer exercises, start by placing your knees on the floor. You’ll work your chest, triceps, hips and core.

For a tricep variation, try putting your hands closer together and forming a diamond shape between your opposing thumbs and pointers.

Exercise 2: Body Weight Squats

The squat is one of the most important exercises, working almost every muscle group in your lower body. When it comes down to it, though, the squat is simply a glorified way of sitting down and standing up. Practice by sitting – just slightly – on the edge of your bed and standing up straight. You’ll work your glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Exercise 3: Dips

If you want to work on your triceps and shoulders, then dips are your go-to exercise. The edge of a couch or counter or even tub is a solid enough surface to perform this exercise. Standing beside the edge of your object of choice, put your hands behind your hips and grab on tight. Carefully bend your elbows, working your triceps, shoulders, and core to lift your body off the ground.

Exercise 4: Lunge

Another great lower body exercise, the lunge will leaves your quads, hamstrings, and glutes burning. Simply stand straight and step one leg forward, bending the other so the knee almost touches the ground. There are many modifications of the lunge, but the first and easiest is stepping backwards, rather than forwards. Remember, the longer the leg, the longer the step. Repeat the same amount of reps on each side.

When exercising, your goal is healthiness and improvement. Do not over exert or strain yourself; you will only inhibit your progress. These exercises are recommended to be done in 12-15 repetitions at sets of 3-4, which will take no longer than 30 minutes. Work off some of that excess fat and tone your body to prepare for the gluttonous holidays that are rapidly approaching!

For more detailed instruction on these exercises, or for a personal training session, visit the Mind Over Matter website.

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