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Discover a New Structural Steel as Strong as Titanium October 11, 2016

Okolona, Central Jefferson
Discover a New Structural Steel as Strong as Titanium, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

Building materials come in a wide variety of metals, which vary in strength, durability, and weight. But what if there was a super strong, lightweight structural steel with endless applications? According to a team of South Korean scientists working at Pohang University of Science and Technology, a new steel has been invented that is as strong as titanium. The team of metal processing experts at American Metal Supply Co. in Cincinnati, OH, discuss how this new formulation could solve a number of problems for builders.

structural steelThis new structural steel was invented by scientists who were trying to control where B2 crystals formed within steel. B2 is a compound that forms when atoms of iron and aluminum are forged together. While it is strong, B2 is also brittle. By isolating B2 compounds, these scientists have discovered a way to reengineer stronger, more flexible structural steel. It is touted as having a strength-to-weight ratio comparable to the best titanium alloys at 10% of the cost—all while being flexible, incredibly strong, and lightweight.

According to the steel distributor experts at American Metal Supply Co., this new structural steel breakthrough can change the game in terms of what’s possible in construction engineering. For instance, this new super strong structural steel could eventually find its way into all the forms of steel builders rely on, including bar steel, tubing, and flat sheets.

American Metal Supply Co. is a steel distributor who knows that getting construction projects done right requires the right materials. That’s why they specialize in supplying businesses with both the raw materials and finished products they need to complete projects that surpass expectations, on time and within budget. For more information on their full range of offerings, call (513) 396-6600 or visit them online.

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