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Boot Camp in Central Park Begins This May: Mind Over Matter April 30, 2012

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Boot Camp in Central Park Begins This May: Mind Over Matter, Manhattan, New York

Everyone wants a hot body on demand for the summer, but let's face it: There is only one way that you're going to get the toned and sculpted body of your choice and it starts with realizing that the answer is a boot camp to kick you into shape!

Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness has the perfect training exercises for losing weight, building muscle and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Step into a great way of exercising and also having fun with spring boot camps from Mind Over Matter. If you've been in a rut with your regular exercise routine, or looking to try something new, this boot camp is your chance.

You can start off your week right by spending 60 minutes working on intense training for six weeks at boot camp. This will help you build stronger resistance with training routines, while dropping 1 or 2 pants sizes in the process.

Outdoor boot camps cater to all different fitness levels. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a diehard fitness buff, Mind Over Matter produces tremendous results and lasting perseverance through expert instruction and guidance. Come learn how to train your body and reduce your body fat percentage with successful boot camp techniques. Develop new ways of improving your body while maintaining healthy eating habits and an appropriate body mass index too! The Central Park boot camp is an ideal way to work out with others in NYC, enjoying the city scenery while you get fit.

Classes and boot camps are adjusted according to skill level and individual fitness goals. So, bring your motivation and intensity, and let Mind Over Matter help do the rest.

Boot Camp Dates :

Saturday at 9:30 AM

May 5, 12, 19

No class on May 26th: Memorial Day Weekend

June 2, 9, 16


Central Park: Top of Bethesda Fountain. Enter at 72nd St. and Central Park West -or- 72nd St. and 5th Ave

Cost :

$150/six classes (one class free!)

$30/individual class

Sign up now! Class size is limited to 12 people for each of the boot camps. For more information about how you can maintain your health with exercise workouts, visit Mind Over Matter.

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