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Three Amazing Health Benefits of Prenatal Exercise January 29, 2013

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Three Amazing Health Benefits of Prenatal Exercise , Manhattan, New York

Although pregnancy is a beautiful aspect of the miracle of life, it’s certainly not easy on the mother-to-be. From back aches to difficulty with walking as the months go on, pregnant women can feel seriously encumbered by the child that they are carrying for nine months. Women who are pregnant can find an exciting and healthy outlet in prenatal exercise, also known as mommy fitness! Mind Over Matter advises every expecting mother to add regular exercise to her pre-labor routine. There are countless benefits to prenatal exercise, including but not limited to:

Preparation For Childbirth:Childbirth is a doozy, but being in good physical shape can help make it a quicker, less exhausting process. Prenatal workouts can both help expecting mothers to exercise the abdominal and pelvic muscles necessary to deliver while also empowering them to feel confident about the approaching day of birth.

Reduce The Discomfort of Pregnancy:As the body changes to support a growing baby, a mother will naturally experience a great deal of discomfort, such as back pain and muscle aches. Women who keep in shape and make prenatal exercise part of their schedule will have more alleviated symptoms of pregnancy discomfort.

Enhanced Circulation & Appearance:A common health issue that some pregnant women face is varicose veins, as the increased weight of their child places extra pressure upon their legs and ankles. Keeping in shape and practicing non-impact aerobic activity can help decrease the likelihood of varicose veins and keep women looking beautiful through pregnancy.

Expecting mothers can explore the world of prenatal fitness with Mind Over Matter. The personal trainers of Mind Over Matter work diligently with mothers to create a fitness routine that prepares their body for childbirth and helps them to get back to their pre-pregnancy figure quickly after delivery. To learn more about Mind Over Matter’s prenatal yoga and postpartum exercise programs, visit the website or call 212-865-9290.

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