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Prepare for Bridal Dresses with NYC's Best Fitness Routines & Wedding Workouts March 1, 2013

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Prepare for Bridal Dresses with NYC's Best Fitness Routines & Wedding Workouts, Manhattan, New York

It's almost spring, which means that wedding bells are just around the corner! With most soon-to-be newly weds choosing popular spring and summer months to recite their nuptials, you may feel like just one couple among the masses, but wait! There's one factor that can distinguish you as the fairest of them all as you prepare for your own wedding, and that's your shape.

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task, but most brides know that an even tougher one is to accomplish these two goals: Getting in shape for the big day, and fitting into your wedding dress.

In fact, approximately 80% of most brides-to-be inevitably take the necessary steps to transform their bodies for the big "I do." For brides seeking a great way to shed pounds in time for a spring wedding, Mind Over Matter in New York City offers a transformative bridal workout that can help you to get fit, and look firm and slender for your wedding day!

Mind Over Matter personal trainers will help you by:

  • Creating a tailor-made fitness regimen to help you reach realistic goals
  • Target and spot train specific areas according to your dress style
  • Master the skills needed to keep your energy up and your stress levels down
  • Improve and perfect your posture for that memorable walk down the aisle

Personal trainers at Mind Over Matter can also help you to tone exposed areas while focusing on your shoulders and back. This creates a more tone and sculpted look that anyone can see on the big day!

Mind Over Matter also provides three bridal packages to choose from, including the:

  • "J.Lo" Package - lower body workout that assentuates your curves
  • "Madonna" Package - focusing on biceps, triceps and shoulders
  • "Fergie" Package - focuses on perfect posture and working out the abdominals, back, and chest

Wedding packages aren't just for brides! Grooms-to-be can also develop a toned and sculpted body to look slim and trim in their tuxedo. To find out more about in-home personal training and bridal packages, visit Mind Over Matter

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