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4 Unique Ways to Reuse Shingles From Your Local Roofers September 22, 2016

Kew Gardens, Queens
4 Unique Ways to Reuse Shingles From Your Local Roofers, Queens, New York

If you’re looking for ways to reuse your old roofing shingles at home, you’re in luck — it turns out they don’t have to be thrown out. Each year, over 10 million tons of used asphalt is discarded in the U.S. Multiple states have recycling centers prepared to reuse the old materials for roads, roofing supplies, or street repairs, but not all.

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Here are some potential ideas for reusing shingles for DIY projects from the area’s leading roofers:

  • Reuse Shingles For Repairs: Instead of throwing them out, keep older shingles as an option for future roof repairs or a roof installation. Store your shingles at a moderate temperature to avoid problems with moisture and high heat levels.

  • rooferCreate A Garden Path: For a simple but useful DIY project, use shingles to form a path through your garden or outdoor area by placing them along a path or on either side. Instead of having to buy shells, gravel, or sand, shingles provide a sustainable alternative with a rustic look.

  • Prevent Oil Stains: To prevent oil from dripping onto your driveway, position shingles beneath your vehicle to counter the source of the drip. This easy technique helps to save nasty stains from taking over your driveway.

  • Eliminate Weeds: Tired of your plants being overtaken by weeds? Use your discarded shingles to section off plants from invasive weeds by placing them around the perimeter of the plant — just be mindful of roots and soil when arranging them.

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