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Fall 2016 Wedding Flower Trends to Suit Every Bride September 20, 2016

Hamden, New Haven County
Fall 2016 Wedding Flower Trends to Suit Every Bride, Hamden, Connecticut

Every bride deserves the perfect wedding flowers on her special day. This fall’s flower arrangement trends are bursting with gorgeous, irresistible blooms to suit every bride’s tastes. To ensure that your bouquet is as beautiful as your dress, the expert florists at Devine Orchid Florist in Hamden, Connecticut, outline some of the season’s most alluring styles.

From loose bohemian arrangements to fruity features, there are a number of eye-catching wedding flower trends to consider for your special day. Here are just a few:

  • Wild Woodland Chic: Every environmentally friendly bride understands the importance of going eco. This season, ferns, greens, and rustic branches with splashes of wildflowers will make the most beautiful, eco-conscious bouquets.  
  • wedding flowersLoose & Whimsical: Many modern brides aren’t interested in the stiff, tight bouquets of the past. Instead, these bohemian brides want lush, loose, and hugely blossoming arrangements to toss into the air.
  • Glam: While rustic is still very much on-trend, glam is finally back, and it’s better than before. This fall, many brides will seek a similar vintage appeal as in seasons prior, but with more glitzy adornments and more ornate vases. White roses, teal succulents, and romantic white lace ribbons make for truly vintage-inspired but glamorous displays. 
  • Foodie Favorites: Pears, kale, and even carrots aren’t just for eating—they’re perfect for modern, deliciously beautiful wedding flowers. Full of unique textures, colors, and fragrances, these flower arrangements are simply works of art.
  • Long, Flowing Ribbons: Elongated, smooth ribbons in colorful silks give the traditional bouquet a carefree edge. This fall, brides will continue to elevate their bouquets with these simple yet notably chic touches.    

For the most gorgeous wedding flowers on your special day, look no further than Hamden’s best florist. To place your order, visit Devine Orchard Florist’s FTD online shop or Teleflora today. They offer free delivery in Cheshire, Hamden, North Haven, and New Haven, and only $10 for all other cities. For more information, call (203) 535-1626 or visit the florist’s website.

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