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How Often Do You Need Sealcoating? September 21, 2016

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How Often Do You Need Sealcoating?, Center, Arkansas

Like anything else, asphalt needs maintenance. This includes standard patching and filling, as well as occasional sealcoating. A protective barrier against the elements, a sealcoat guards against the burning sunlight, strong winds, and torrential rain that contribute to the oxidation and subsequent degradation of asphalt surfaces. According to CR Asphalt, Paving and Construction, how often you need sealcoating really depends on the individual factors related to your property. These paving contractors have worked on everything from residential driveways to commercial parking lots throughout Hector, AR, and while each property has differed from the last, all have benefited from a good sealcoat.

sealcoatingIdeally, the best time for a sealcoat is after the asphalt has been poured. Depending on a number of factors, your paving contractors will recommend anywhere between 90 days to half a year for the asphalt to cure completely. Afterwards, you should have your asphalt sealcoated every two or three years. 

However, if there are any potholes or significant cracks, those will need to be repaired or patched before sealcoating can take place. The correct asphalt mixture and proper application technique are essential to a long-lasting surface; a sealcoat just helps it last longer. 

Since every driveway or parking lot is different, if you have any concerns about whether your property could benefit from sealcoating, it’s best to bring in the professionals. If you need something more than that, like extensive repairs or new pavement, don't hesitate to contact CR Asphalt, Paving and Construction. Call them today at (479) 964-2744 to schedule an appointment. You can also reach them through their website or Facebook page.

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