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3 Improvements to Consider When Selling a House September 15, 2016

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3 Improvements to Consider When Selling a House, Plano, Texas

When selling a house, every homeowner wants to get the highest price possible, which leads many to engage in extensive renovations in an effort to boost their property value. While making some strategic investments in the property can be an excellent way to get a faster sale at a higher price, it's important to spend your improvement dollars wisely.

According to the real estate experts at Best Value Realty in Plano, TX, there a few projects that will almost always pay for themselves. If you're planning on selling a house, they recommend investing in:

  • The Landscaping: The yard and landscaping are the most cost-effective improvements you can make, creating curb appeal that will get interested buyers out of their car. If you only have a limited renovation budget, you'll usually get the best return on the investment if you spend it outside.
  • selling a houseBathroom Fixtures: An attractive, comfortable bathroom with updated fixtures and fresh, clean grout is a must-have for many buyers. Changing out fixtures and having the bathtub refinished can make the bathroom better than new and earn back most of the money you spent on renovations.
  • Kitchen Updates: The kitchen has become the center of the home, a place where most families eat meals, prepare food, and pay their bills. If possible, replace some outdated appliances, but don't go for advanced, top-of-the-line equipment unless it's the norm in your neighborhood. In general, property value is heavily reliant on the houses around it, so resist the urge to try to make your home the best on the block.

Whether you're selling a house or need help finding your next dream home, you can rely on Best Value Realty's expert team of highly trained agents. Visit their website to browse a selection of homes for sale, or just call their office at (972) 307-5060 to talk about selling your home today.

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