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Three Amazingly Convenient Uses of Mandolin Slicer Cookware February 27, 2013

NoMad, Manhattan
Three Amazingly Convenient Uses of Mandolin Slicer Cookware, Manhattan, New York

Anyone who takes pride in a well-stocked kitchen must have the essential cookware and appliances, from the all-too-useful colander and chef’s knife to bread machines and slow cookers. Somehow, the mandolin slicer does not tend to make the list of the most important cookware supplies to own. However, professional and hobbyist cooks alike who shop at JB Prince swear by the convenience and ease of use with the mandolin slicer.

The mandolin is essential for the creation of some dishes, and can be incredibly handy when preparing vegetables for just about any meal. Some of the most popular uses of the mandolin slicer include:

Julienne Slice Vegetables 

The pressure that comes with a beautiful presentation of food can be alleviated with the help of the mandolin. One of the most popular cuts of vegetable is the julienne, or matchstick cut, which is basically a long thin strip. Perfectly julienne any carrot in seconds with a mandolin!

Potato Chips & French Fries

Deliciously crispy and fried, potato chips and French fries are some of the tastiest treats around. With the simple switch of a mandolin blade, chefs can go from making thick wedges for French fries to impossibly thin potato chip cuts. One potato can go a long way when it’s cut efficiently.

Dicing Onions

As simple as dicing an onion may be, it is certainly time consuming. Using a mandolin to perfectly dice an onion is a major time saver, allowing chefs to focus on the more demanding parts of a recipe.

To view JB Prince’s array of professional quality mandolin slicers and other restaurant supplies, visit the website and browse the extensive cookware catalogue, or stop by the 31st Street location in NYC.

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