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3 Ways Room Addition Is Better Than Buying a New House September 16, 2016

Concord, Miami
3 Ways Room Addition Is Better Than Buying a New House, Concord, Ohio

If your current accommodation doesn’t fulfill your space requirement, buying a new house is not the only option you have. In fact, Keystone Homes recommends room addition as a more convenient and preferable alternative to relocating. Providing the best remodeling services in Troy, OH, and the surrounding areas, the custom builders can expertly modify your home per your specifications.

Drawing on their experience, the pros at Keystone Homes explain why room addition is a better choice than moving to a new place:

  • Cost-Effective: Whether you need an extra bedroom or bathroom, adding a new room to your house is typically a low-key project compared to executing a move. By strictly sticking to room additions instead of a complete overhaul, you can manage to keep the total expenses under control. The smaller scope of this assignment means you can spare yourself the extra costs involved in the relocation process and still get the space you addition
  • Logistically Practical: When you’ve been living at a particular location for some time, it’s natural for you to become attached to your surroundings. If your house is located at a convenient distance from schools, workplaces, and your favorite stores, it would be smarter for you to remodel the place instead of moving elsewhere. Just by adding a couple of extra rooms, you can not only meet your requirements but also continue to stay where you’re most comfortable.
  • Customization: Buying a house that’s already built doesn’t give you the creative freedom to display your personal taste. There’s also the possibility that what you end up buying comes close to what you had envisioned, but it may not meet your criteria precisely. On the other hand, room additions give you the liberty to customize the extra space exactly how you want it to be. For the most accurate depiction of your vision, opt for a personable contractor from Keystone Homes where every team member is happy to work with you and offer tailor-made solutions.

Offering a variety of benefits, room additions outweigh the prospect of buying a new house and save you from the cumbersome task of relocating. With the custom builders at Keystone Homes providing you remodeling services, you know your project is in reliable hands. For further details about the construction solution this Troy-based company offers, call (937) 332-8669 or like them on Facebook for updates. 

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