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Top 3 Ant Control Tips From Guarantee Pest Control September 16, 2016

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
Top 3 Ant Control Tips From Guarantee Pest Control, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

One major aspect of home ownership is keeping pests and bugs out. It’s important to maintain ant control in your home; otherwise, ants can settle all over your house. Guarantee Pest Control of Lexington, KY, has dealt with every kind of infestation, and they know preventative maintenance is the first step in ant control. 

There are a few home remedies that you can take advantage of to keep ants out of your home. If the infestation is too widespread or difficult to combat, however, it’s always best to contact the Pest Management Professionals at Guarantee Pest Control to eliminate your unwanted guests. Potential residential pest control remedies include:

  • Vinegar, Leant-control-Lexington-KYmon Juice, Peppermint Oil: These heavily scented liquids should be spread on gaps and cracks where you’ve seen ants come from. They help to deter the bugs by destroying the pheromone path that ants lay for others to follow. The acid in the vinegar and lemon juice combine with the scent to do the trick. Peppermint oil is the most pleasing to human noses, but ants seem to hate the scent of it.
  • Spices Or Coffee Grounds: Ants hate the scent of strong spices like pepper, chili powder, garlic, or cinnamon. Sprinkle these spices on places that appear to be ant thoroughfares. Coffee grounds work similarly and are a good ant control choice for outside as well. Sprinkle the coffee around gardens where ants emerge. It drives off the bugs and also provides a bit of nutrition for whatever you are growing.
  • Caulk: Unlike the aforementioned methods, caulk simply blocks the path that ants travel on. It seals cracks, gaps and spaces in your home and forces the ants to either find a new route or go somewhere else entirely. It is the most effective deterrent a homeowner can use.

With these methods, your ant problem should quickly disappear. If it doesn’t, contact a Pest Management Professional. They will help you eliminate the pests and find the source of the infestation to keep invaders out for good. 

Contact Guarantee Pest Control today at (859) 254-2076 or visit their website today to handle any residential pest control problem, from ants to rats. Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get more information on pest extermination methods and tips on handling bugs in the home. 

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