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What You Need to Know About Dentistry During Pregnancy August 11, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
What You Need to Know About Dentistry During Pregnancy, Manhattan, New York

Pregnancy is a time when women think a lot about their overall health, and oral health should not be overlooked. The dentists at Preferred Dental Care Chelsea want to make sure that pregnant women get the dental care they deserve throughout their pregnancy.

Anyone who has been pregnant knows that bleeding and swollen gums are extremely common, but not everyone knows why this occurs or what to do about it. 

Here’s the answer: pregnancy gingivitis. The hormonal changes that occurs throughout pregnancy often result in increased blood flow to the gums, leading to the swelling and bleeding. To deal with these and other general dentistry concerns, visit Preferred Dental Care Chelsea throughout your pregnancy.

The first step to keep a healthy mouth during pregnancy is regular oral hygiene. Keep up with brushing, flossing, and rinsing routines. These steps are especially important during pregnancy because being pregnant can alter the way the body deals with bacteria, making pregnant women more prone to oral infections. Plus, morning sickness often causes vomiting. Vomiting can be very damaging to teeth, so be sure to brush thoroughly afterwards.

For any other concerns and for regular dental care, keep visiting dental offices like Preferred Dental Care Chelsea. Trained dentists may be able to spot problems that the average person would miss. For temporary relief of swollen or bleeding gums, try rinsing with warm salt water. Then schedule a visit to the dental offices. The dentists at Preferred Dental Care Chelsea will make sure that the first thing your baby sees is your beautiful, healthy smile. Call (212) 594-7171 to make an appointment.

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